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AAVVDreams and visionsFerraro14,65
Abbott EdwinFlatlandPenguin111,62
Alderson BrianTales from the Arabian NightsHeinemann411,36
Anderson SherwoodWinesburg, OhioPenguin113,38
Austen JaneMansfield ParkOUP24,5
Austen JaneNorthanger AbbeyPenguin14,91
Austen JaneEmmaPenguin16,75
Austen JaneSense e sensibilityPenguin18,65
Austen JaneSelected LettersOUP211,88
Bacon FrancisEssaysOUP112
BarriePeter Pan in Kensington Gardens - Peter & WendyOUP18,21
Baum F.L.Wizard of OzPenguin14,5
Beckett SamuelFirst Love and Other NovellasPenguin110,59
Bellow SaulMosby's MemoirsPenguin19,3
Bellow SaulMosby's Memoirs and other StoriesPenguin112,91
Bellow SaulHenderson the rain kingPenguin115,44
Bellow SaulSeize the DayPenguin113,28
Bellow SaulHerzogPenguin113,5
Bellow SaulTheftPenguin57,23
Bellow SaulMore Die of HeartbreakPenguin18
Bellow SaulCollected storiesPenguin117,3
Bellow SaulMr. Sammler's PlanetPenguin410
Bennett ArnoldAnna of the five townsPenguin111,62
Bowen ElizabethLast SeptemberVintage1312,65
Bradbury RayFahreneit 451Flamingo312
Bronte AnneAgnes GreyPenguin14,91
Bronte CharlotteJane EyrePenguin18,7
Bronte CharlotteJane EyrePenguin14,91
Bronte CharlotteVilletteOUP26
Bunyan JohnPilgrim's progressPenguin24,91
Butler SamuelErewhonPenguin211,62
Capote TrumanAnswered PrayersPenguin113,38
Carroll LewisAnnotated AlicePenguin613
Carroll LewisAlice's adventures in wonderlandPenguin19,6
Cather WillaO PioneersPenguin110,59
Cather WillaMy Mortal EnemyVirago17,49
Cather WillaProfessor's HouseVirago211,21
Chaucer GeoffreyCanterbury TalesPenguin17,7
Chesterton Gilbert KeithScandal of Father BrownPenguin16,5
Chesterton Gilbert KeithIncredulity of Father BrownPenguin18,26
Chesterton Gilbert KeithWisdom of Father BrownPenguin19,81
Chesterton Gilbert KeithSecret of Father BrownPenguin19,3
Chopin KateAwakeningMacMillan112,91
Chopin KateVocation and a VoicePenguin19,81
Chopin KateAwakening and Selected StoriesPenguin111,62
Chopin KateAwakeningNorton710,5
Collins WilkieThe Frozen DeepHesperus110
Collodi CarloPinocchioPuffin17,5
Conrad JosephMirror of the Sea & A Personal RecordOUP19
Conrad JosephHeart of DarknessNorton 215
Conrad JosephNostromoPenguin17,7
Conrad JosephLord JimOUP35
Conrad JosephNostromoPenguin Pop23,56
Conrad JosephTyphoon and other StoriesPenguin28,26
Conrad JosephShadow-LinePenguin26,71
Conrad JosephWithin the TidesPenguin17
Conrad JosephAlmayer's FollyPenguin19,55
Cooper James FenimorePioneersSignet25
DanteThe divine Comedy vol2 PurgatoryPenguin112,5
DanteDivine Comedy 3 ParadisePenguin111,5
Defoe DanielMoll FlandersPenguin110
Defoe DanielA Journal of the Plague YearPenguin111,6
Defoe DanielRoxanaOUP110,6
Defoe DanielRobinson CrusoeCollins13,5
Dickens CharlesSelected Short FictionPenguin16,2
Dickens CharlesHard timesOxford14,5
Dickens CharlesMistery of Edwin DroodEveryman16,2
Dos Passos JohnThree SoldiersSignet18,26
Doyle Arthur ConanFinal Adventures of Sherlock HolmesPenguin110,33
Doyle Arthur ConanHound of BaskervillePenguin37,7
Doyle Arthur ConanValley of fear and selected casesPenguin112,1
Doyle Arthur ConanStudy in ScarletPenguin112
Doyle Conan ArthurThe adventures of Sherlock HolmesTor16
Doyle Conan ArthurReturn of Sherlock HolmesHeadline19,6
Du Maurier DaphneThe birds and other storiesVirago112,1
Du Maurier DaphneRebeccaArrow67,5
Eliot GeorgeRomolaPenguin111,62
Eliot GeorgeSelected Critical WritingsOUP111
Eliot GeorgeMill on the FlossPenguin25,94
Eliot GeorgeLifted Veil / Brother JacobPenguin113,9
Eliot GeorgeSilas MarnerPenguin16,75
Eliot GeorgeLifted veilVirago19,61
Emerson Ralph WaldoSelected EssaysPenguin115,44
Equiano OlaudahInteresting Narrative of life of Olaudah EquianoNorton120,2
Equiano OlaudahInteresting Narrative & Other WritingsPenguin115,44
Faulkner WilliamRequiem for a NunPenguin27
Faulkner WilliamMosquitoesPicador110
Faulkner WilliamCollected StoriesVintage317
Faulkner WilliamLight in AugustVintage112
Faulkner WilliamAs I Lay DyingVintage111,1
Faulkner WilliamPortable FaulknerPenguin419,11
Faulkner WilliamGo Down MosesVintage511
Fielding HenryAmeliaPenguin110,5
Fielding HenryJonathan WildPenguin111,52
Fitzgerald Francis ScottLost DecadePenguin17,23
Fitzgerald Francis ScottBabylon RevisitedScribner112,5
Ford Madox FordThe BenefactorMellen Research139,5
Forster Edward MorganHowards EndPenguin711,62
Franklin BenjaminAutobiography & Other WritingsOUP18
Franklin MilesMy brilliant careerAngus & Robertson214,5
Gaskell ElizabethLife of Charlotte BronteOUP19
Godwin WilliamCaleb WilliamsOUP112
Godwin WilliamCaleb WilliamsPenguin112,39
Golding WilliamDouble TongueFaber19,55
Golding WilliamFire Down BelowFaber17
Golding WilliamRites of passageFaber19,55
Grahame KennethWind in the WillowsWordsworth14,13
Graves RobertClaudius the GodPenguin213
Greene GrahamA Gun for SalePenguin113,5
Greene GrahamBritish dramatistsPrion110,85
Hardy ThomasJude the ObscurePenguin18
Hardy ThomasThe woodlandersPenguin14,91
Hardy ThomasMayor of the CasterbridgeOUP14
Hardy ThomasReturn of the nativeOUP46
Hardy ThomasTess of the d'UrbervillesPenguin26,75
Hare AugustusAugustus Hare in ItalyEcco Travel114
Harte BretLuck of roaring camp and other short storiesDover41,5
Hartley L.P.Go-BetweenPenguin113,4
Hawthorne NathanielScarlet letterPenguin16,6
Hemingway ErnestDeath in the AfternoonArrow110,5
Hogg JamesPrivate Memoirs Confessions Justified SinnerOUP17
Hopkins Gerard ManleyMajor WorksOUP118
Imlay GilbertThe emigrantsPenguin118,59
Irving WashingtonSketch-BookEveryman110,6
Isherwood ChristopherDiaries Vol.One 1939-1960Methuen145
Jacobs HarrietIncidents in the Life of a Slave GirlSignet17,75
James HenryAspern Papers & Other StoriesOUP16,7
James HenrySacred FountPenguin19,8
James HenryAwkward AgeOUP28
James HenryPortrait of a ladyPenguin16,75
James HenryAmericanPenguin211,62
James HenryWhat maisie knewPenguin19
James HenryCritical Muse: Selected Literary MusePenguin114,46
James HenryThe Princess CasamassimaPenguin117,3
James HenryFigure in the Carpet & Other StoriesPenguin215,44
Jerome Jerome K.Three Men in a BoatPenguin27,23
Johnson SamuelSelected WritingsPenguin121,17
Johnson SamuelHistory of RasselasPenguin57,7
Johnson Samuel - Boswell JamesA journey to the Western islands of Scotland andPenguin414
Joyce JamesUlyssesPenguin415
Joyce JamesUlysses Annotated Student EditionPenguin122,98
Kermode FrankNot Entitled. A MemoirFlamingo114,2
Kerouac JackOn the RoadPenguin111,62
Kipling RudyardSomething of MyselfCambridge110,5
Kipling RudyardChoice of Kipling ProseFaber211
Kipling RudyardTraffics and DiscoveriesPenguin110,85
Koestler ArthurArrival and DeparturePenguin16,7
Lamb CharlesElia & Last Essays of EliaOUP29
Langland WilliamPiers the ploughmanPenguin19,55
Lawrence D.H.Lady Chatterley's LoverPenguin115,6
Lawrence David HerbertKangarooPenguin110,28
Lawrence David HerbertMr NoonPenguin114,46
Lawrence David HerbertApocalypsePenguin18,26
Lawrence David HerbertEngland my England and other storiesPenguin112,39
Lawrence David HerbertSons and Lovers (Critical Edition)CUP219,6
Lawrence David HerbertPlumed serpentPenguin18,26
Lawrence David HerbertComplete short novelsPenguin112,5
Lawrence David HerbertPrincess and other storiesPenguin16,2
Lawrence David HerbertSt. Mawr - The Virgin and the GipsyPenguin49,55
Lawrence David HerbertLove among the Haystacks and other storiesPenguin18,26
Lawrence David HerbertTwilight in Italy and Other EssaysPenguin18,16
Lawrence David HerbertSons and LoversPenguin39
Lawrence David HerbertVirgin and the GipsyPenguin111,62
Lawrence David HerbertSketches of Etruscan placesPenguin117,3
Le Fanu SheridanUncle SilasOUP19,6
Lehmann RosamondEchoing GrovePenguin17,75
Lehmann RosamondGipsy's BabyVirago18,5
Lessing DorisGrass is singingPaladin111,5
Lessing DorisThe cleftHarper112,1
Lessing DorisGrandmothersHarper113
Lessing DorisOn catsFlamingo115,45
Lessing DorisBen in the worldFlamingo113,38
Lessing DorisWalking in the shadeFlamingo118,5
Lewis SinclairBabbittPenguin210,33
London JackWhite fangDover31,5
London JackIron HellWordsworth14,2
London JackSon of the Wolf. Tales of Far NorthOUP110,85
Loos AnitaGentlemen prefer blondes and but gentlemen Mary BrPenguin113,38
Lovercraft H.P.Dreams in the witch house and other weird storiesPenguin117,3
Lowry MalcolmUnder the VolcanoPicador114
Machiavelli NiccolòPrincePenguin26,5
Malamud BernardSelected StoriesPenguin114,46
Manley DelariviereNew AtalantisPenguin417,3
Mansfield KatherineGarden party and other storiesPenguin115,6
Marx KarlDispatches for the New York tribunePenguin119,5
Maugham William SomersetLiza of LambethPenguin110,28
McCullers CarsonBallad of Sad CafèPenguin18,26
McCullers CarsonMembers of the WeddingPenguin39,3
McCullers CarsonReflections in a Golden EyePenguin110,28
Melville HermanBilly Budd sailor and other storiesPenguin111,62
Melville HermanRedburnPenguin18
Melville HermanMoby DickNorthwestern235
More ThomasBook of Sir Thomas MoreAdriatica110,33
Morris WilliamNews from nowhere and other writingsPenguin117,3
Muir JohnWilderness essaysGibbs Smith1310
Nabokov VladimirPninPenguin19,3
Naipaul V.S.A Turn in the southPicador112,4
Naipaul V.S.A House for Mr BiswasPenguin111,62
Naipaul V.S.Miguel streetPenguin113,38
Naipaul V.S.Loss of El DoradoPicador112,65
Naipaul V.S.The mystic Masseur - Miguel streetPicador114,46
Narayan R.K.Painter of SignsPenguin111,62
Narayan R.K.Man-eater of MalgudiPenguin19,81
Nashe ThomasUnfortunate TravellerPenguin419,11
Nin AnaisCollagesVirago19,61
Norris FrankOctopusPenguin116,53
Orwell GeorgeAniaml farmPenguin112,6
Orwell GeorgeThe road to Wigan PierPenguin115,44
Parker DorothyCollected Dorothy ParkerPenguin113,94
Pater WalterMarius the EpicureanPenguin312,91
Plath SylviaBell JarFaber111
Plath SylviaJohnny Panic and Bible of DreamsFaber28,5
Poe Edgar AllanNarrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of NantucketPenguin19,61
Pound EzraSelected prose 1909-1965Faber118,08
Rhys JeanGood Morning MidnightPenguin18,26
Richardson SamuelHistory of sir Charles GrandisonGeneral Books125
Richardson SamuelClarissaRiverside315,5
Roth HenryCall It SleepPenguin517,3
SakiShort Stories & Unbearable BassingtonOUP19
Scott WalterIvanhoePenguin Pop14
Scott WalterWaverleyPenguin113,9
Scott WalterOld MortalityPenguin16
Scott WalterThe Bride of LammermoorPenguin113,38
Shelley MaryFrankensteinPenguin110
Smollett TobiasAdventures of Ferdinand Count FathomPenguin18,26
Spenser EdmundSelected WritingsRoutledge112
Stead ChristinaPuzzleheaded GirlVirago19,5
Stead ChristinaCotters' EnglandVirago18,5
Stein GertrudeThree LivesPenguin313,38
Steinbeck JohnOf Mice and MenMandarin28
Steinbeck JohnPearlESBMO15,5
Steinbeck JohnPastures of HeavenPenguin111,62
Sterne LaurenceSentimental JourneyOUP18
Sterne LaurenceLife and opinions of Tristam Shandy, gentlemanPenguin17,5
Stevenson Robert LouisBlack arrowPenguin113,9
Stevenson Robert LouisWeir of Hermiston & Other StoriesPenguin17,75
Svevo ItaloZeno's ConsciencePenguin114,4
Swift JonathanA Modest Proposal and Other Satirical WorksDover31,55
Swift JonathanMajor worksOxford118
Synge John M.The Aran IslandsDover115,5
Tagore RabindranathSelected Short StoriesPenguin117,3
Toomer JohnCaneLiveright210
Trollope FrancesDomestic Manners of the AmericansCentury Publishing18,5
Twain MarkTom Sawyer Abroad / Tom Sawyer DetectivePenguin19,81
Twain MarkRoughing ItPenguin113,38
Vasari GiorgioLives of the artist vol 2Penguin113,38
Waugh EvelynDecline and FallPenguin19
Waugh EvelynVile BodiesPenguin110,59
Waugh EvelynScoopPenguin113,4
Wells H.G.War in the airPenguin113,9
Wells H.G.The first men in the moonPenguin113,9
Wells H.G.The war in the airPenguin16,5
Wells Herbert GeorgeHistory of Mr.PollyPan16
Wells Herbert GeorgeFirst men in the MoonPenguin17
Wells Herbert GeorgeTono-BungayPan26
West NathanaelDay of the LocustPenguin212,91
West RebeccaReturn of the soldierVirago612,9
Wharton EdithItalian BackgroundsEcco Travel114,5
Wharton EdithAge of innocencePenguin110,5
Wharton EdithRoman Fever and other storiesScribner111,36
Wharton EdithHouse of MirthNorton310,5
Wilde OscarSoul of Man under Socialism & Selected ProsePenguin111,62
Wilde OscarLord Arthur Savile's crime and other storiesPenguin17,7
Wilder ThorntonOur Town & Other PlaysPenguin38
Wilder ThorntonBridge of San Luis ReyPenguin110,28
Wollstonecraft MaryVindication of the Rights of WomanPenguin211,62
Wollstonecraft Mary - Shelley MaryMary and Maria - MatildaPenguin115,44
Woolf VirginiaBetween the ActsOUP27
Woolf VirginiaWavesOUP17
Woolf VirginiaBetween the ActsPenguin18,26
Woolf VirginiaFlushPenguin110
Woolf VirginiaOrlandoPenguin212,5
Woolf VirginiaMrs DallowayPenguin112,6
Woolf VirginiaTo the lighthouseOUP110,2
Woolf VirginiaMoments of BeingGrafton19,5
Wordsworth WilliamLettersOUP29
Yeats William ButlerWritings on Irish Folklore, Legend and MythPenguin115,44
Yeats William ButlerShort FictionPenguin112,39
Zola EmileNanaPenguin19,55