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The book of psalmsDover41,5
---English and American songsLa Spiga17,5
Alvarez JuliaHomecomingPlume114,5
Alvarez JuliaThe Other Side / El otro ladoPlume114,5
Arnold MatthewComplete PoemsLongman130
Ashfield (ed.)Romantic Women Poets 1770-1838Manchester UP121
Auden Wystan HughSelected poemsFaber121,77
BeatlesThe Beatles LyricsWarner114,46
Berger JohnPages of the woundBloomsbury118
Betjeman (ed.)English love poemsFaber114,5
Bhatt SujataPoint no pointCarcanet113
Blake WilliamSelected poemsPenguin13,56
Blake WilliamSelected PoemsPenguin113,9
Blake WilliamMarriage of Heaven and HellDover17,75
Bond EdwardPoems 1978-1985Methuen211
Bradley (ed.)Anglo-Saxon PoetryEveryman112,9
Browning RobertMen and WomenEveryman27,75
Byron George GordonDon JuanPenguin325,6
Cecil (ed.)English poetsPrion111
Charters (ed.)Penguin Book of the BeatsPenguin119,11
Cook - StylesSomething Woke MeCambridge UP110,33
Cruttwell (ed.)English sonnetLongman55,16
Donne JohnSelected PoetryPenguin49,55
Dryden JohnSelected PoemsPenguin39
Dryden JohnPoemsOUP218
Eliot T.S.Collected Poems 1909 - 1962Faber219,11
Eliot T.S.To Criticize the CriticFaber312,5
Enright D.J.A choice of Milton s verseFaber25,5
Evaristo BernardineLaraAngela Royal Publishing612
Ferguson (ed.)Norton anthology of poetryNorton138
Gardner Brian (ed.)Terrible rain The war poets 1939-1945Methuen17,75
Gardner Helen (ed.)Metaphysical PoetsPenguin615,45
Germain Edward (ed.)Surrealist Poetry in EnglishPenguin312
Ginsberg AllenCollected poems 1947-1980Penguin129
Gray M. - Collins T.Poetical worksOUP115
Greenaway KateNursery Rhyme ClassicsCrescent115
Grigson Geoffrey (ed.)Faber Book of Nonsense VerseFaber117,3
Grigson Geoffrey (ed.)Faber Book of Reflective VerseFaber19,5
Heath-StubbsFaber Book of Twentieth Century VerseFaber115,44
Hiller (ed.)Poems of the Elizabethan AgeRoutledge119
Hopkins Gerald ManleyHopkinsOUP117
Housman A.E.A shropshire ladDover21,5
Houston DouglasHunters in the snowBloodaxe book112
Hughes TedHawk in the rainFaber89
Hughes TedCrowFaber69
Hughes TedWolfwatchingFaber56,2
Hughes TedMoortown diaryFaber67,5
Jamie KathleenMr and Mrs Scotland are deadBloodaxe317
Jones Peter (ed.)Imagist PoetryPenguin315,44
Jonson BenSelected poemsOUP112
Karlyn Daniel (ed)Penguin book of victorian versePenguin121,17
Kay JackieThe Frog who dreamed she was an opera singerBloomsbury16,4
Kay JackieOff ColourBloodaxe110,4
Kay JackieAdoption PapersBloodaxe110,5
Kay JackieOther LoversBloodaxe110,5
Kinsella (ed.)New Oxford Book of Irish VerseOUP110,5
Kipling RudyardSelected poemsPenguin113,38
Kipling RudyardSelected PoetryPenguin115,45
Lear EdwardComplete NonsenseFaber19,55
Lindsay VachelThe Congo and other poemsDover71,5
Longfellow Henry WadsworthFavorite poemsDover41,5
Lucie-Smith (ed.)British Poetry Since 1945Penguin915,44
McGough Roger100 best poems for childrenPuffin214
McGough RogerSensational!MacMillan118
McGough RogerPoems about loveKingfisher111
McGough RogerWicked poemsBloomsbury215
McGough RogerRing of words An anthology of poetry for childrenFaber119
Milton JohnSelected PoetryOUP16,5
Milton JohnParadise lost book IX - XOUP211,5
Milton JohnParadise LostNorton314,5
Milton JohnParadise LostNorton116,53
Milton JohnParadise lost I - IIOUP206,5
Milton JohnSelected shorter poems and proseRoutledge18
Moore - Beier (eds.)Penguin Book of Modern African PoetryPenguin219,11
Morrison (ed.)Penguin Book Contemporary British PoetryPenguin213,38
Negri (ed.)Great sonnetsDover62,5
Paley GraceLong Walks and Intimate TalksFeminist Press118
Pinter HaroldCollected poems and proseMethuen17
Plath SylviaSelected poemsFaber16,5
Plath SylviaArielFaber17,23
Plath SylviaCrossing the WaterFaber17,23
Pope AlexanderAn essays on criticismNorthcote house112,5
Raine CathleenLiving with mystery poems 1987-91Golgonooza113,69
Reed Ishmael (ed.)Before Columbus Foundation Poetry AnthologyNorton116,5
Rossetti ChristinaPoems and proseEveryman110
Rossetti ChristinaChoice of Christina Rossetti verseFaber27,75
Scott Tom (ed.)Penguin Book Scottish VersePenguin117,3
ScraggBattle of MaldonManchester UP115,5
Service RobertThe Shooting of Dan McGrew and Other PoemsDover31,5
Shakespeare WilliamThe PoemsArden214,5
Sidney PhilipAn apology for poetry Manchester116,15
Skelton Robin (ed.)Poetry of the thirtiesPenguin114,98
Soyinka WoleShuttle in the cryptMethuen16,2
Spender StephenCollected Poems 1928-1985Faber113,5
Spenser EdmundPoetryNorton120
Stevens WallaceSelected poemsFaber113,3
Swanton (ed.)BeowulfManchester118
Swift JonathanSelected PoemsPenguin19,55
Tolson Melvin B.Harlem gallery and other poemsVirginia131,5
Whitman WaltPortable WhitmanPenguin119,11
Whitman WaltComplete Poetry and Selected ProseRiverside213,5
Whitman WaltLeaves of grassOUP19,3
Whitman WaltSelected poemsDover11,5
Wise Brown M. - Mortimer A.Pussycat's ChristmasLincoln110,3
Wordsworth - ColeridgeLyrical BalladsPenguin17,7
Wordsworth WilliamSelected poemsEveryman511
Wordsworth WilliamSelected poems and prefacesRiverside213,5
Wordsworth WilliamSelected poetryPenguin111,62
Wrenn - Bolton (ed.)BeowulfUniversity of Exeter115,5
Yeats William ButlerSelected poemsPenguin614,5
Yeats William ButlerPoems A new selection (Jeffares N.)MacMillan326,96